Screened Soil (when available)
Our Top soil is screened down to approx. 20mm suitable for turfing etc.

Blended Soil
Blended premium soil and compost, finely graded for ease of application, high organic content.  Ideal for turfing covers more area than conventional top-soil

Vegetable Mix Soil
Mixed with well rotted finely shredded farmyard manure, compost and screened soil, ideal for growing your own grown produce and perfect for using in your borders.

Super Veg Mix Soil (when available)
Mixed with leaf mould, well rotted finely shredded farmyard manure compost and screened soil. Suitable for vegetable gardens and borders.

Compost eco-friendly Soil improving compost, promotes vigorous growth, replaces lost humus, improves soil moisture retention, and contains valuable nutrients and trace elements, BSI PS100 Specification.

Landscaping Mulch (20mm Compost)
This product is ideal for protecting your borders from moisture loss and improves the soil.


* We can mix with sharp sand etc. to your special requirements at a small extra cost.