Aggregates & Rockery

Decorative Aggregate

Blue Slate 20mm Available in Bulk Bags and 25 KG Bags

Cotswold shingle 20mm

Cotswold shingle 10mm in 25kg bags only

Flint shingle 20mm

Flint shingle 10mm we also stock in 25kg bags

Plum Crushed Slate 40mm is perfect if you want something a bit different for a driveway or border. Looks great around borders or for an alternative to pebbles in water features. Spread it around tree bases and around shrubs for a nice alternative to gravel.

Landscape Fabric
Groundtex  – Heavy-duty weed suppression – ideal for use with stone and gravel – good tear resistance – UV stabilized for long life.

Advantex – separates sand and aggregate layers to prevent any sinking into the soil, non-woven fabric has extra durability for long-term weed control and ground stabilization. Use under decking, stone, soil or bark.

Rolls – Groundtex and Advantex
1 x 15m (mini rolls)
2m x 25m (midi rolls)
other sizes are available to order only

Pack – Geotex (folded) 4.5m x 11m

Membrane Pegs
Sold separately, or in bags of 100 /1000 ideal to anchor down landscape fabric.

Cotswold Rockery Stone
Available in 1 tonne crates or bulk loads